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In this free social media marketing mini course, I go over how to locate high quality, royalty free images that you can use with ANY business and even monetise if you wish. Once you have the social media and relevant hashtags, all you need to do is reach out to businesses via instagram whose social profiles lack good content and strong formatting. 

Step 1:

Download and watch the course so you know how to find high quality images and apply the best performing hashtags.

Step 2:

Reach out to businesses via instagram and offer them a week of free social posts. Generate 2-3 per day for them using the methods in the course. 

Step 3:

After you’ve made their social profile much stronger and they’re happy with your work, negotiate a fair rate. It might be $50 a week, $50 a day – That depends on your business acumen. If you can get 10 clients willing to pay you $50 per week, that’s $500 per week and it should only take you less than 10 mins per post. Works out to be about $100 per hour! 

Good luck!